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Interests are debited exclusively on the amount used

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What is a Lombard loan?

A Lombard loan enables you to expand your securities portfolio or rapidly take advantage of new opportunities on the market without having to inject new liquidity or sell assets in your portfolio. Obtain liquidity at attractive rates in just a few clicks, against the pledge of your various assets.

The Swissquote edge

• Multi-currencies: Our Lombard loans are available in CHF/EUR/USD and many other currencies of your choice

 Attractive conditions: Discover our advantageous interest rates without commissions or additional administrative costs

• Simple and easy: You can apply for and sign into your account entirely online from wherever you are

 No minimum amounts imposed: You will just need a minimum of three diversified assets in your portfolio.



Interest rates

Interests are debited exclusively on the amount used

Ready for a smart move, but one step at a time?

Our experts have put together more detailed information about the Lombard loan that will help you master the ins and outs.

Trading     Article

Better days ahead

To fully benefit from the expected market rebound, investors should consider Lombard loans, an advantageous tool.

Interview with Jürg Schwab, Head of Strategic Relations at Swissquote.



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Lombard loan

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How to apply for a Lombard loan

You can choose between three easy ways to apply


Online application

Obtain your loan in one hour

  1. Click on the arrow next to «Potential increase of your buying power» in your account overview
  2. Click on «Apply for a lombard loan»
  3. Follow the detailed instructions


Apply for a Lombard loan

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Via the app

Via the Swissquote mobile application

  1. Connect to your trading account
  2. Click on «Lombard loan»
  3. Sign your contract in one click and obtain your loan within an hour


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Standard application

  1. Download, print and sign the two application forms
    Lombard loan agreement
    General deed of pledge and assignment
  2. Send the forms by mail to:
    Swissquote Bank Ltd
    Central Data
    Ch. de la Crétaux 33
    CH - 1196 Gland

On reception of the documents, your Lombard loan application will be examined by our Trading Department. If you are granted a Lombard loan, the initial limit will be indicated in your account.

Know your risks!

What you should know

Insofar as the credit limit granted is established by Swissquote based on the collateral value of your assets, certain events may cause Swissquote to reduce this limit at any time. This is possible, in particular, if there is a depreciation in value or lack of liquidity of one or more securities pledged as collateral. The consequences could be the forced sale of securities, the requirement to bring forth additional securities or the reimbursement of the credit. In extreme cases, there is a risk of total loss of assets. Price and currency risks are borne exclusively by the client.

Furthermore, obtaining a Lombard loan for private asset management may be considered by the Federal Tax Administration as an indicator of taxable gainful self-employment. The client is solely responsible for any tax consequences resulting from the reclassification of his/her trading activities as gainful self-employment.

The information above is provided for guidance only and shall not be construed as constituting any offer, advice or recommendation to obtain a Lombard loan, to buy or sell a security or to carry out any transaction whatsoever, nor shall it be construed as any form of advice whatsoever, such as tax or legal advice.

The products and services presented are authorised for sale in Switzerland. They are not intended for people who, by reason of their nationality, registered place of business, domicile or other reasons, are subject to a domestic legal framework which prohibits foreign financial service providers from engaging in business activities at these locations, or which prohibits or restricts legal entities or natural persons subject thereto from accessing the websites of foreign financial service providers.