How IT works?

You set the rules.
THE Robo-Advisor
plays to win.

The Robo-Advisor is your partner


Develop safely and efficiently in the investment universe. The Robo-Advisor is your ultimate partner to navigate the investment world safely and efficiently. It remembers the previous market wins and losses, and executes its next move without the influence of emotion. Define your goal, and like an automatic pilot, the Robo-Advisor will lead you to your destination.

You program
the Robo-Advisor

You have the option to set your desired risk level (on a scale of 1 to 10), define your allocation preferences and customise your investment strategy (including the types of assets, sectors and geographical areas to be favoured or excluded).

You can also leave the Robo-Advisor in charge, with a default strategy based on current market conditions.



The Robo-Advisor builds
your portfolio

After defining the risk level and other parameters, the Robo-Advisor builds your ideal portfolio. To create the most efficient range of investments, the algorithm uses historical data, trends, price developments and market analysis.


You set
the intial investment

Once all the parameters are set and the portfolio proposal is calculated, you are just one click away from investing.

The minimum investment amount is CHF 50'000.




The Robo-Advisor monitors
and continuously
optimises performance

Once your portfolio has been created, the Robo-Advisor monitors it 24 hours a day for constant optimisation. It reacts to turbulence and takes care of your investments in the long term.

You remain in control

You can change your investment preferences and risk level at any time, and the Robo-Advisor will automatically adjust the portfolio to match your new guidelines.

Change your options if your intuition tells you to. Compare your strategies to sharpen your performance.

Note that you can also add funds at any point, and they will automatically be invested.



The Robo-Advisor gives you
permanent access
to the results

You have full visibility on the Robo-Advisor’s work, anytime and anywhere.

The platform allows you to continuously monitor the evolution and performance of your portfolio, its composition, as well as past transactions. Total transparency, on the device of your choice.

Good to know

To ensure that your investments keep on growing, we recommend that you regularly add funds to your portfolio. Unless otherwise indicated, dividends are automatically reinvested. However, you can decide at any time to stop the strategy and recover any potential profits.

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