Black Friday - 2023



Preferential Rate - 1.5%

This Black Friday, save rather than spend

Your savings are getting 365 Black Fridays this year. Open your Swissquote account before 27 November 2023 and get an increased interest rate up to 1.5% on your Invest Easy savings for a whole year*.

Seize the offer


*This offer is aimed exclusively to new private clients.

Designed so your savings keep on saving

Invest Easy - Saving Strategy


Interest rates

Cash deposit in CHF1

Regular interest rates

New offer

Black Friday’s interest rates offer

0 – 50’000



50’001 – 100’000



Over 100’000



1Note that this offer applies only to Invest Easy accounts held in CHF.

For more info, please refer to the Terms & Conditions and the Saving Strategy Conditions.


The step by step to painless saving



Open your Swissquote account before 27 November 2023 using the promo code MKT_BF23



Activate Invest Easy clicking on "Add a new account for free" via Account overview



Pick Invest Easy’s Saving Strategy and fund your account with your amount of choice and benefit from the special interest rates for the next year!

Open your account


For more info, please refer to the Terms & Conditions and the Saving Strategy Conditions.

About Invest Easy

Invest Easy is our ready-made, simplest investment and saving solution, offering professionally predefined strategies for every risk appetite.

• Attractive saving interests and investment return opportunities

 Professionally predefined strategies for every risk appetite or saving goals

Two types of strategies:

• Saving strategy: Multi-currency and fee-free with attractive interest rates and no minimum deposit

 Investment strategies: Competitive fees & small entry deposit from CHF 500

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When exactly should I open my Swissquote account to benefit from Black Friday’s offer?

You can benefit from this offer by opening your Swissquote account from 17 to 27 November 2023.

Do I need to open a Swissquote account to activate Invest Easy’s Saving Strategy?

Yes. Once your Swissquote account is open with the promo code MKT_BF23, you can easily activate Invest Easy and pick its Saving Strategy to start benefitting from Black Friday’s boosted interest rates on your savings.

What will happen once the year has passed?

Your savings will keep on generating interest, just back to the regular rates.

Why should I use Invest Easy?

If you just started sinking your teeth into the investment world and you find it too vast; if it’s hard for you to put money aside and make it grow; or even if you’d just like a little bit of guidance along the way, Invest Easy is the best complement to your finances.

With professionally predefined strategies, competitive pricing and user-friendliness at its core, our tool allows you to save your money while generating interest, or to automatically invest it in a variety of products, so your assets and capital are put to work for the long term.

What are the main benefits of the Saving Strategy?
  • Attractive interest rates up to 2%
  • Multi-currency strategy: your capital can be in CHF, EUR, USD and/or GBP
  • Easy transfer of funds between Invest Easy strategies and currencies without withdrawal limitations or conditions
  • Bankruptcy privilege up to CHF 100’000
What are the costs of the Saving Strategy?

Invest Easy’s Saving Strategy is fee-free. Conditions apply as follows:

Conditions and Fees

Cash-out limit


Notice period to exceed cash-out limit without penalty

3 months

% penalty over 25’000 cash-out


Strategy fee

No fees

Minimum deposit


Are there different preferred interest rates per currency?

Yes, the interest rates vary depending on the currency of your funds and the amount. To know more, check the pricing section of this page.

How do the degressive interest rates work?

The interest rates are applied per amount range. This means that if a client makes a cash deposit of, for example, CHF 150’000 into their Saving Strategy, the interest rates, according to our Black Friday offer, would apply as follows:

  • 1.50% on the first tranche of CHF 50’000
  • 1.50% on the tranche from CHF 50’000.01 up to CHF 100’000
  • 0.20% on the remaining CHF 50’000

Please notice that these ranges and interest rates are subject to change over time. You will be notified accordingly.

How are interest rates calculated for a given period?

They’re pro-rated across 360 days for CHF/EUR/USD, and across 365 days for GBP.

When is the accrued interest paid?

It is paid annually on 31 December.

How much money do I need to start?

Our Saving Strategy starts generating interest from CHF/EUR/USD/GBP 1.-

Is there a maximum amount remunerated?

No, your saving funds will generate interest regardless of the amount.

What are the withdrawal conditions and penalties of the Saving strategy?

Clients can cash-out their saving funds up to CHF/USD/EUR/GBP 25’000 per month and per currency. However, this limit does not apply to transfers between Invest Easy strategies nor between currencies, which can be made anytime without penalty or limitations.

If you wish to cash-out a higher amount than 25’000 in the same month, a notice period of 3 months is required in order to avoid penalties. Otherwise, a 1% penalty applies to any withdrawn amount above 25’000.

Can I transfer my saving funds into a different Invest Easy strategy?

Yes, anytime and without any withdrawal limit or conditions.

Can I convert the currency of my saving funds?

Yes, anytime and without any limit or conditions.

Can I simply open an Invest Easy account to save without investing?

Absolutely. Simply choose our Saving Strategy and fund your account with the amount of your choice to start generating interest.

How many Saving accounts can I have?

You can have one single Saving Strategy active in your Invest Easy account. However, remember that you can open as many Invest Easy accounts as you’d like, taking into consideration that, if you already have a Saving Strategy active, only the investment strategies will be available for your additional Invest Easy accounts.

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