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by Swissquote Analysts
世界卫生组织宣布,最近致命的冠状病毒灾难目前仅仅是一个国家当地的危机,当局在努力杀灭病毒,试图阻止恐慌的蔓延。不过在亚洲市场,投资者心情还是很不爽。中国和韩国两国股市均休市。日经指数战战兢兢地爬升0.13%,恒生指数在一轮短时交易后上涨0.15%,然后交易各方都去享受中国农历新年假期。 FTSE上涨0.79%,然而DAX期货指数上扬了0.78%,从而暗示欧市交易各方可能在周五开盘时扭转部分本周的跌势。 由于目前美国公司第四季度盈利超出了分析人士的预期,美国股票期货...
Intel Corp. posted strong fourth-quarter earnings that benefited from an upswing in personal-computer shipments and robust demand for chips to power data centers. The chip maker said adjusted earnings per share in the quarter rose to $1.52 from $1.28 in the year-prior period. Analysts surveyed...
随着冠状病毒的扩散和感染病例数的持续上升,中国政府决定在春节长假前一天封锁进出武汉的全部交通。受此影响,香港和上海两地股市分别大跌2%和3%。日经指数下滑0.97%,ASX 200下滑0.63%,从而回吐昨日的盈利。由于避险资金涌入,金价飙升至每盎司1564美元,西德克萨斯协会原油微跌至每桶55.50美元。美国股票期货略微探低。FTSE微跌0.12%。由于昨日继续上攻乏力,暗指今日盘面上交易还是死气沉沉,DAX期货指数则下滑0.41%。高石油股权重的FTSE指数可...
STMicroelectronics NV (STM.FR) said Thursday that net profit for the fourth quarter fell year-on-year, while revenue rose amid higher sales. The European semiconductor chip maker said net profit fell 6.2% year-on-year to $392 million, with revenue increasing 4% to $2.75 billion. Gross margin...
在华尔街周二交易日走低收盘后,亚洲市场情绪略微有所改善。由于人们担心冠状病毒可能扩散,从而使医药需求上升,受此影响,纽约医疗概念股表现脱颖而出。 多亏注册用户意外跳增880万户,大大超过公司向股东承诺的预计新增760万户,网飞公司第四季度录得强劲的利润。但公司保守预测本季新注册用户增长,因为直播流媒体行业竞争加剧及去年末苹果电视和迪士尼+闪亮登场。日经指数上扬0.67%,收复了昨日的部分失地。恒生指数反弹1.22%,ASX 200 上扬了0.94%,而上证综合指数...
Netflix's growth driver continued to be its international user base in the last quarter of 2019, its latest quarterly report showed. The streaming company's earnings, released on Tuesday evening, far exceeded Wall Street's expectations, but slower-than-anticipated growth in the U.S. user base...