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Research Market strategy
by Swissquote Analysts
欧盟高管职位候选人尚未定夺,这下问题严重了。在经过为期一个月的激烈谈判后,28位欧盟国家领导人敲定了最终的候选人名单,包括欧洲理事会主席夏尔.米切尔(先前已经当选)、欧盟外交事务高级代表约瑟普.波瑞尔、欧洲央行行长克里斯汀.拉加德,最后是欧盟委员会主席乌尔苏拉·冯德莱恩。然而,最终还要欧洲议会议员拍板,其投票程序严格,从而让欧元饱受煎熬。欧盟最高领导班子成员无法敲定,这不仅是对欧盟的沉重打击,还对下周四的货币政策会议打击不小。 调和候选人乌尔苏拉·冯德莱恩最终敲定...
Strong U.S. consumer banking gave Citigroup Inc. a boost in the second quarter. Citigroup said Monday its second-quarter net income rose 7% from a year ago. Quarterly profit was $4.8 billion, up from $4.5 billion. Per-share earnings were $1.95. Analysts had expected $1.81 a share. Revenue at the...
Shares of Ford Motor Co. (F) rallied 1.4% in premarket trading Friday, after Germany-based automaker Volkswagen AG confirmed that it will invest $2.6 billion in Ford's self-driving services (SDS) partner Argo AI, as part of an expansion of the company's alliance to include electric vehicles. As...
周五美元连续三天下落。周三美联储主席鲍威尔国会作证的效应犹在。G10 一揽子货币中,美元兑商品货币跌幅尤甚,兑澳元下跌0.36%、兑纽元下跌0.35%、兑加元则下跌-0.35%。同时欧元也持续复苏,止跌回吐至1.1260位置附近,不过升幅更加有限,其中原因在于欧洲央行的回旋余地要比美联储少了很多,欧元后市还充满更多的不确定性。尽管欧元区利率水平已经为零甚至负利率了,且资产负债表债务在膨胀,但欧洲央行甚至没尝试缩减其量化宽松规模。与此相反的是,美联储则有些回旋余地;...
The sprawling, multibillion-dollar Malaysian development fraud scandal that has toppled a prime minister and stretched from Hollywood to Wall Street is threatening to implicate another major global financial institution: Deutsche Bank AG. The U.S. Justice Department is investigating whether the...