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中美双方第一阶段贸易协定签署在即。由于投资者纷纷增持股票,科技股将标准普尔500指数和纳斯达克指数推高。同时大型美国银行公布去年第四季度盈利数据。由于中国在过去五个月里第一次录得良好的出口数据,人民币兑美元升至自七月以来的最高水平。十二月中国出口增长7.2%,而进口则上升16.3%,大大出乎分析人士的预计。美国随之给中国点个赞,宣称中国“不再是汇率操纵国了”。美元兑日圆冲破110阻力位置。随着资金持续注入风险资产,黄金持稳于每盎司1535美元。从亚洲股市看, AS...
Dare Bioscience Inc. (DARE) shares rose 79% to $1.50 after the company said it is in a licensing agreement with Bayer (BAYN.XE). Bayer may commercialize Dare's investigational contraceptive product Ovaprene in the U.S. once approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Dare said. Dare said...
Mediaset SpA (MS.MI) said that its shareholders approved plans to create a pan-European media and entertainment holding company at today's extraordinary general meeting. The Italian broadcasting company wants to establish Media for Europe NV, a Dutch holding company, through the merger of its...
Airbus said Thursday that it will expand its industrial output in the U.S. as it is looking to produce 63 A320 Family jets per month in 2021. The European plane maker will increase its production rate to seven A320 Family jets a month by the start of next year at its manufacturing site in Mobile...
美国总统唐纳德•特朗普发表发表了缓和紧张局势的讲话,其确认在导弹袭击后不应在伊朗采取军事行动,导致伊朗紧张局势有所缓解,避险货币有所喘息。此外,预计中美双方将在1月15日签署的有关中美临时贸易协议的积极头条应会保持瑞郎不变,而第二阶段的会谈目前尚不明朗。目前,欧元兑瑞郎的交易价格在2017年4月底的范围内,略高于心理支撑位1.08,而美元兑瑞郎的交易价格则自2019年11月末以来大幅低于面值,高于0.97范围。 在这种情况下,瑞士央行可能会更加谨慎地观察外汇走势,...