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Research Market strategy
by Swissquote Analysts
Nestlé SA said Thursday that it is exploring strategic options for its skin-health unit, the latest move by the Swiss packaged-foods giant to narrow its focus to food and beverages. Nestlé didn’t specifically say that the unit, which generated 2017 sales of 2.7 billion Swiss francs ($2.79...
由于美国和亚洲的需求疲软,瑞士的对外贸易在8月份仍然表现疲弱。 8月份出口同比增长0.6%,而上月数据从-1.4%向下修正至-2%。进口环比下降2.8%,而上月数据为-1.3%。贸易余额上升至14亿瑞士法郎,较上个月增加2亿瑞郎。尽管进口在过去几个月一直在收缩,但与欧盟的贸易活动仍然稳固。然而,唐纳德发起的贸易战似乎也在影响美国和瑞士的贸易活动。最后,瑞郎在8月下半月有所升职。因此,预计未来几个月贸易活动将进一步收缩是合理的。另外,正如人们普遍预期的那样,瑞士央行...
Danske Bank A/S (DANSKE.KO) Chief Executive Thomas Borgen has resigned after the lender released the results of an internal investigation into its branch in Estonia, which found its employees may have colluded with customers making suspicious transactions. Danske Bank said its investigation...
由于对NAFTA的期望越来越高,加元继续走强。美元兑加元汇率下跌至1.2948,并且从本周初开始走弱(-0.68%)。预计该货币对将在短期内接近1.2930区间。由于加拿大总理贾斯汀•特鲁多暗示可能会达成双赢协议,今天的重新谈判正在积极开展。持续的中美争端利好加元,或能推动美国总统特朗普避免进一步的贸易对抗。不过,时间在一天天流逝,双方必须在9月底之前签署协议。 正如市场普遍预期,日本央行在9月份的货币会议上维持利率不变...
The European Union's antitrust body on Tuesday said it has opened a formal investigation into "possible collusion" among Germany's main auto manufacturers to limit the development of technology that would reduce harmful car exhaust emissions. The European Commission, the bloc's antitrust...