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Research Market strategy
by Swissquote Analysts
在市场瞩目下,美国联邦公开市场委员会(FOMC) 昨天将利率维持不变。这次政策重大转向很清楚。通过公开声明表示放弃“耐心”等待,美联储不得不转向持温和立场。经济评估结果乐观,但对通胀数据前景看弱,说明是该改变政策方向了。现在市场在预计2019年间有可能要降息三次。由于市场预计七月降息概率是100%(先前预计降息概率为80%),第一次降息在即。而另外两次降息的概率已经从会议前的45%上升至70%。风险偏好如期转向,美国股市微升(其中银行股严重拖了大盘的后腿),美元兑...
Federal Reserve officials held their benchmark interest rate steady on Wednesday, but hinted they would cut rates in the months ahead if the economic outlook weakens. "The case for somewhat more accommodative policy has strengthened," Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said at a news conference after...
马里奥.德拉基暗示,如通胀没有加速抬头,欧洲央行准备发起又一轮经济刺激政策。受此影响,全球股市昨日猛升。EuroSTOXX 50指数跳涨 2.60% 至3,458点, 从而达到自五月初以来的最高水平。同时,由于投资者预计美联储会步欧洲央行的后尘,美国股市也转好,标准普尔500指数升至2,930点,本轮涨幅达1.40%。在过去数月内,唐纳德.特朗普已对美联储主席杰瑞米.鲍威尔施以重压,指责鲍威尔采取了不必要的紧缩货币政策,从而使美国经济偏离了原来的轨迹。有意思的是,...
Nissan Motor Co. and Renault SA are poised to resolve a standoff about Nissan's corporate governance ahead of the Japanese car maker's shareholder meeting next week, according to people familiar with their talks. A resolution would settle one of the most public and acrimonious disputes between...
贸易战结果未卜、特朗普施压要降息、美国经济数据疲弱,美联储如何应对这些问题的手段显得不明朗。同时,市场如何对未来形势的解读应对美元的走势起着很重要的决定作用。尽管周三的美联储会议预计不会降息,但市场还是会普遍期待美联储的前瞻性指导以及利率走势分析图。 美联储在此次货币会议上会更加温和,用词从“耐心”改为“更加灵活”,从而为本年降息一次以及2020年的再度降息铺平道路。目前美国国内生产总值和通胀率预测值分别为2.10%和1.80%。由于经济数据持续恶化,上述指标...
Infineon Technologies (IFX.XE) said Monday that it approved a capital increase aimed at raising roughly 1.5 billion euros ($1.68 billion) in gross proceeds, which it plans to use to help fund its recent takeover of Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (CY). The capital increase will raise Infineon's...