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Research Market strategy
by Swissquote Analysts
12月份零售销售额数据给市场狠狠敲了一下警钟,美国经济不再红火。12月经济收缩了1.2%,而预计的增长率则为+0.1%,此外11月份经济增长率也向下修正了。这次经济紧缩规模是自2009年9月以来最大的一次了。同样,在剔除汽车和汽油项目后的11月和12月的指标每月跌幅为1.4%,而11月和12月的预测值分别为+0.5%和+0.4%。 那这是为什么呢?第一,从12月22日开始的美国政府停摆事件引发了消费者的谨慎情绪,同时也断了公务员的收入;第二,12月份市场遭遇猛烈抛...
Coca-Cola Co. reported slightly stronger-than-expected revenue in its latest quarter, boosted by demand for tea, coffee, water and sports drinks, but the beverage company expects sales will slow down in 2019. Organic revenue, which excludes currency swings, acquisitions and divestitures,...
Cisco Systems Inc. dodged significant fallout from the trade fight between the U.S. and China, posting strong growth in sales of its networking gear even as it raised prices to deal with the spat. Shares rose 3.7% in after-hours trading Wednesday after Cisco delivered quarterly results and...
加拿大银行于1月召开会议,决定连续第二次将其关键利率维持在1.75%水平。加元兑美元正上扬。在目前的态势下,笔者预计加拿大经济将维持强劲,加央行可能于2019年12月加息。由于中美贸易争端解决的乐观情绪有所抬头,美元兑加元从昨天起的下跌态势可能止步。 然而,美国政府停摆的风险若隐若现,受此影响,美元目前报价1.3225, 美元兑加元短期会朝1.3255方向移动。加拿大国内生产总值目前预计增幅为1.70%,修正了前期预测值2.10%。通胀仍旧持稳,12月通胀头条值和...
The investment firm JAB wants to boost its stake in beauty products company Coty Inc., offering to buy shares from existing stockholders if independent directors on the company’s board sign off on the plan. JAB said in a statement Tuesday an affiliate will pay $11.65 a share to purchase up to...