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Research Market strategy
by Swissquote Analysts
Apple Inc. has shaken free of last year's iPhone slump, posting record revenue and a return to profit growth in the latest quarter behind strong sales of its flagship smartphone as well as apps and AirPods wireless earbuds. The tech giant reported revenue rose 9% in the December quarter to $91...
随着因冠状病毒传播而引发的投资者抛售风潮的影响逐渐退却,欧洲和美国股市周二反弹。标准普尔500上涨1.01%。随着美国科技股的领涨,纳斯达克上涨1.43%。苹果公司第四季度利润创新纪录。多亏iPhone销售增长,预计2020年度第一季度主营收入可能猛增9%至15%,尽管实际预测值可能因中国冠状病毒扩散造成的后果不确定而并不精确,毕竟中国贡献了苹果公司全部营收的20%。苹果股价随之上涨2%。东京日经指数上扬0.71%,悉尼ASX 200 上涨0.53%。中国大陆股市...
中国经济步伐放缓的事实正在重创全球股市。这次股市下挫的原因不是贸易战,而是正在扩散的冠状病毒。目前病毒在中国已经造成100多人死亡,在中国大陆经确认的病例数上升65% 至4515人。 中国股市继续在春节期间休市,但其他地方的亚洲股市在新的交易日再度下探。日经指数下行0.79%, ASX 200下挫1.35%,而韩国综合指数则重挫3.22%领跌。而泰国股市则上扬0.51%,从而收复了昨日的部分巨大损失。 有消息称,由于欧佩克成员国内部矛盾冲突,利比亚可能完全停产,受...
Nestle SA (NESN.EB) said Monday that it has entered into an agreement with Allergan PLC (AGN) to acquire gastrointestinal medication Zenpep. "This move aims to expand the company's medical-nutrition business and complement its portfolio of therapeutic products," the Swiss food-and-beverage...
中国春节期间,部分亚洲股市休市。随着冠状病毒致死人数上升至80人,而且尽管有隔离措施,但病毒还是继续扩散。受此影响,其他未休市的亚洲股市本周开盘就再度跳水。中国、韩国、新加坡和香港四地股市休市。日经指数跌2.03%, 泰国股市跌了50点,跌幅达3.28%。新德里和孟买股市分别微跌0.47%和0.48%, 雅加达股市则下滑了1.50%。随着布伦特原油价格破位每桶59美元,西德克萨斯协会原油报价下跌至每桶52美元。由于中国冠状病毒危机的负面影响以及全球需求不足,石油和...
American Express Co.'s fourth-quarter profit declined from a year ago but its revenue increased. The credit-card company's profit was $1.69 billion for the quarter, down 16% from the comparable quarter a year ago. Earnings were $2.03 per share, 2 cents ahead of what analysts polled by FactSet...