Bitcoin has performed impressively in recent years as more and more investors discover this cryptocurrency for their portfolio.

The king and forefather
of cryptocurrencies

The first decentralised currency
Bitcoin’s price performance has captivated investors since its beginnings.

Digital Gold
Potential to become digital gold and a store of value in a digital asset portfolio.

The cornerstone of the Bitcoin project is a limited supply of coins, preventing inflation and helping to grow its value.



The market king

Created in 2009 by a person known as Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin rules over the digital currencies market, making up more than half of the capitalisation. For the time being, the share prices of altcoins still fluctuate based on Bitcoin. Supporters view the currency as digital gold, whose value should only increase over time.

Unequalled to this day

Bitcoin never ceases to amaze with historical highs and lows – definitely the opposite of boring.



How to buy and sell Bitcoin at Swissquote

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Click on "Go to platform with account",
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Go to the crypto plug-in and type "Bitcoin" or "BTC" in the dedicated field. Click then on "Trade".


Via our
mobile app

Go to "Markets & Quotes" and select "Cryptocurrencies", then choose a currency pair and click "Trade".


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