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FAQ – Prepaid & Credit Cards

What type of account do I need to have to order a payment card ?
  • You can order a Silver or a Gold multicurrency credit card with a trading account only.
  • You can order a Silver prepaid card with a Forex, Trading and Saving account.
How do I activate my payment card?

Your card will be activated upon your first cash withdrawal or transaction in a shop using a payment terminal that requires entering a PIN code*.

* Exceptionally, some payment terminals do not interrogate your card limit on entering your PIN code. In this case, the card cannot be activated and you must try with another payment terminal or make a cash withdrawal.

How does the contactless system work?

Contactless payments can be made on any payment terminal with a contactless symbol, by simply holding your card close to this symbol. The contactless payment may be refused and you may be required to enter your PIN code if you have reached your contactless limit*.

* The contactless limit is CHF 80 or equivalent in USD/EUR of accumulated expenses made without entering your PIN code. Moreover, you cannot use the contactless method more than 10 times without entering your PIN code.
The contactless limit is renewed once you next use your PIN code.
For example, if you made two purchases of GBP 15 using the contactless method, you will not be able to make a new purchase for EUR 15 in this manner as your limit will have been reached. To continue making contactless payments, you have to enter your PIN code so the contactless limit will be renewed.

What is the difference between an authorization and a transaction?

The authorization amount can differ from the final transaction amount if the amount blocked by the seller is higher or if exchange rate or cash withdrawal fees apply.

How are my purchases protected on the Internet (3-D Secure)?

Your online purchases are protected with 3-D Secure, the internationally recognized security standard for online payments by card.

Payment Card Service Helpdesk

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Tel. +41 58 721 93 93 (24/7)